The Number 1,253,210,027

That’s it, just the number 1253210027, it’s not special or anything it just came out of a random number generator. Not the one I used though. Oh it is the sum of certain Fibonacci numbers though so that’s cool.Well then

Zombie Bop

Donny, the worst writer here, is now announcing that the Daily Bop is back from the dead. Daily articles, though small and terrible, will be released by anyone willing to do so or myself should it need be done. The first new article will be released on Sunday the 26th so make sure to find…

Unigons – nope. Just nope.

Arya thinks Unigons are the hybrid offspring of Unicorns and Dragons. Well, I beg to differ. A Unigon is simply a polygon with one side. (see duogon, trigon, quadrigon, pentagon, etc) Here’s an actual picture of a Unigon. See anything? Good. Unigons don’t exist. At least that’s one thing Arya and I agree on.

Hybrid Animals—Unigon

I love drawing, especially animals. I have quite a collection of hybrid animal drawings. I have decided to post an animal ever once in a while. Today’s is a Unigon. A unicorn dragon. -Arya

Hello Again? Part ll

So school has started, which means home work which means no bopping. We have been trying our best to find time to bop, and Tiffany was doing a really good job earlier without anyone helping her. Now that school has started falling into a rythm, hopefully we will be able to bop once more…and we…

How to get people to hate you

Whether you are trying to give teachers a negative bias towards you or destroy the only friendships you have left, making people hate you is a very valuable skill to have. Who doesn’t want to be hated, anyway?  The jealous type of hate Step 1. Be/pretend to be really smart Step 2. Brag about it all…