The First Post

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to The Daily Bop! Thank you to everyone reading this, plus all our parents (who tell us to “actually do something” on this site), and all the wonderful writers. 

In case you didn’t know, Eleanor (winterfox) and I (Tiffany or Tiff T) are the authors of this blog/news site/magazine. Obviously, this is the first post. 

How did The Daily Bop start? Let’s go to the very beginning.

At the start of school, I developed a habit of bopping Eleanor on the head every day. On Mondays I would bop her 3 times- “Saturday, Sunday, Monday!”  Other days, just one time. I called it the Daily Bop. She joked that every time I bopped her, she lost 50 brain cells, and soon she wouldn’t be able to be in Algebra. Of course, that would have been horrible, but I kept doing it. The bopping paused when we created the Hexaflexagon committee (see the All About Hexaflexagons page), because I was too focused on talking to her about fixing the website to bop her. Then we kinda abandoned the Hexaflexagon Committee, so the The Daily Bopping resumed. Later, Eleanor pointed out that “The Daily Bop” was an excellent magazine name. We decided to do a daily magazine. However, we noticed that printing a magazine every day would be super hard. So, we started this site! Enjoy!


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