Painted Ladies

Random Hat time! The topic we chose today is…

*dun dun dun*


 Well, anyways, I’m raising painted lady butterflies right now so I might as well talk about the life cycle and stuff. Like everybody doesn’t already know.

Egg- A female painted lady lays an egg. There’s not much else to tell. Inside, a caterpillar starts to develop.

Caterpillar- Also known as the larval stage, the caterpillars are little squirmy things that eat and grow so they can get big enough to form their chrysalis. Caterpillars shed their skin five times so that their bodies have room to grow. My caterpillars have only shed once, so they’re on their second stage.

Chrysalis- Once the time has come, the caterpillars spin a chrysalis around themselves to have a space to metamorphose into a painted lady. During the next week or so, the caterpillar LITERALLY shifts it’s internal organs around and changes into a painted lady. Weird, huh?

Butterfly- Out of the chrysalis hatches a beautiful painted lady. Pretty soon they’re fluttering around (and mating). The painted lady lays it’s eggs within the next week or so. The eggs hatch several days after that. Then, more caterpillars. Too many caterpillars. Oh my gosh why are there so many caterpillars. Help. Please…

Eleanor has been abducted by baby caterpillars! What will happen to the daily bop? Will she ever come back? Find out… next week.

plotting_luna_moth_caterpillar_actiasHeh. Heh, Heh.


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