Please Send Help!

zzzt… Hello? bzzt… Is this thing on? I need (crackle) help…

The baby caterpillars abducted me. I’m stuck in this weird butterfly den and am forced to watch the caterpillars go through their life cycle for Memorial Day. They want me to “remember” everything about them. I’m going to try and escape while they’re going through metamorphosis.

They stuck me in a jail cell but forgot to confiscate my stuff. The battery’s low and my camera is smashed, but I have a small amount of internet from in here. I think the caterpillars have a router, to get on ‘Critter’ and ‘Frassbook’ and stuff. I don’t have much time, I have 2% battery left. Please help… see you… when the chrysalises are spun… I hope…


(zzzzt… battery low… powering down to preserve memory…)


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