Random Hat drawing Day again! Today is:

*dun dun dunnnnnn*


Turtles are cool! Apart from being cute and cuddly, they are sometimes even used for turtle stew and turtle jerky (poor turtle!). My sister has a stuffed turtle (I mean, stuffed animal) and she (the turtle, Honu is the name, means Turtle in Hawaiian) likes to carry the stuffed cats and hamsters around on its shell, where there is a magical “bubble” to let them breathe. Anyways, turtles are cute. I don’t know what else to write about, so… Bye!



2 thoughts on “Turtles

  1. Have you seen Ninja Turtle? If you push Ninja Turtle down on its back, it will make a quick spin and flip itself back up in a jiffy and WASAAH!

    There is much to write about TURTLES:
    In Chinese culture, turtle has a good and bad connotations. Turtle symbolizes longevity. But shouting “turtle” (in Chinese) at someone is consider extremely rude, as rude as giving them the “finger”. For the Hawaiians, turtles are for good luck, long life and endurance. In Disney, Turtle is Crush and Squirt. The former is laid back and worry free, the latter cute and fun!
    Turtle is wise and slow to anger!


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