Would you like to join us on a summer trip to Pluto?

Pluto is an amazing dwarf planet! It used to be considered a planet, but recently, that has changed. Pluto was named by an 11 year old girl, the the name is the Roman God of the Underworld. 

Why should you come to Pluto? Even though it takes 14 years for a human to get there, it is well worth the wait. Firstly, the weather is terrific. It is about 44 degrees Kelvin, while 0 Kelvin is the absolute zero.  The wind speeds are up to 450km/second! Please remember to bring a giant heated winter-in-summer jacket. Also, there are 5 moons orbiting Pluto. One of the moons, Charon, is half the size of Pluto. So, at night, you can see 5 beautiful moons, even though the night lasts a lot longer than on earth. 

There is plenty of frozen water on Pluto, but it’s under a bunch of frozen poison stuff. 

Please learn to ice skate, hop on a rocket ship, and we’ll see you in summer!



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