Tickling little kids with sticky fingers 

So today Tiffany and Arya played a silly little game. It’s called: “write as much as you can about tickling little kids with sticky fingers”. 

Rules: you get 5 minutes to write as much as you can relating to the topic. Internet use allowed. 

We forgot a “minor” grammar problem: does this mean that while you have sticky fingers, you tickle little kids, or that the kids you tickle  have sticky fingers???

Anyways, here are the chunks:


I always relate sticky fingers to little kids who love candy. In the comic strip Baby Blues Hammie the annoying little brother always has sticky hands. I love to have sticky fingers if there is something delicious on them like honey. Not candy left over candy on your fingers is really disgusting in my opinion. This morning I took a bandaid off of my finger and it was all gooey and sticky and it stank. That is the type of sticky fingers that I don’t like. I also think that it would be bad to have sticky fingers all the time. I mean sticky fingers are fun for about 5 minutes until you get sick of the flavor. If you keep it all the time like Hammie you touch dirt stick your finger up your nose then stick it in your mouth to taste the germy dirty boogery flavor thats just disgusting.
SCORE: words: 152. Char: 639


A lot of the time, little kids with sticky fingers are so adorable that you just want to tickle them. It’s like a urge that you can’t fight off. sometimes, you want to pinch them instead, but of course tickling gives a better reaction, plus the little kid won’t get too mad at you. Just be careful not to let the little kid touch your clothes with their sticky fingers, otherwise you will have to change and that would not be the best ending. If you want to tickle, it is best if you have long fingernails. some people have fingernails so long that they curve into a circle. a hexaflexagon would fit in that circle. If you want to tickle a little kid with a hexaflexagon, use a dodecahexaflexagon because they are the most tickly. 

SCORE: words: 136 char: 595

TIFFANY SCORE: words: 136 characters: 595

ARYA SCORE: words: 152. Characters: 639

By either account, Arya wins! Plus her content makes more sense 😀


(The loser had to write the post :D)


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