What color are your eyes?

Did you know that the color of your eyes directly affects your personality? Or maybe your personality directly affects the color of your eyes…

People with black eyes are very rare. Most of what we see as “black” is actually just very dark brown. Black eyed people are usually somewhat secretive, but also trustworthy, optimistic, and passionate. They are also loyal friends and secret keepers.

People with  brown eyes are the most common. I am one of those :). They are outgoing, practical, confident and enjoy making friends. They are usually happy-go-lucky people and enjoy nature (ivy skirt, anyone?). 

Hazel eyes are people who are adventurous, fun-loving, and go with the flow. They like trying new things and dislike monotony. 

Grey eyed people are usually born to be leaders. They are wise, gentle, and rational. They have a strong inner strength. 

People with green eyes are intelligent and always curious. They like living life to the fullest. They are also passionate about everything they do, but can get jealous easily. 

Blue eyes are the most desired eye color in the world. People with these eyes are peaceful, smart, kind, happy go lucky, and very energetic. 

What color eyes do you have? Does it fit your personality?



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