Of Breaking Pencil Cases and Doing Math

I’m sitting in math class, doing some weird circle stuff with my compass. I start to get bored and yawn, putting my compass away and pulling out my regular pencil to do some equations.


My head whips around and I see Arya (another author on this website) holding a small piece of plastic in her hand. It’s what used to be her pencil case organizer. She puts the plastic aside and begins to snap off the other extensions of it. She puts them into the outside of her pencil case, which is still intact.

Then she grips either end of the big, whole organizer, and begins to bend it. I grit my teeth, but it bends all the way and still doesn’t break. At that point, I decide to ask Arya what she’s doing.

She explains that her pencil case had already broken a ton and she was just finishing the job. I ask for it and then continue to bend back and forth along the plastic line. Finally, when I feel like it can’t bend any farther until it breaks, I peel along the crease line and it comes apart. The two of us cheer and a couple people in the class look at us.

At least it’s better than the time the two of us yelled EUREKA! in the middle of the silent computer lab. This annoying kid comes over shouting ‘what? what?’ and won’t take nothing for an answer. It takes a while to get him back to his seat.

Anyway, Arya and I each take a half and continue to break the pencil case. Finally, all the pieces are two small to break and we tuck them back into the container. I took it home and it exploded in my backpack. Oh well. I still got my homework done, though.

CAUTION: SMALL PIECES. NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF (one year higher than your age here)


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