On a more pleasant note…

You might have seen the disturbing post Tiffany wrote. On a happier note…

I think that thanksgiving is about spending quality time with your family. Don’t think about the fact that I’m on the computer writing a blog post, my cousin Greta is on the iPad playing Crossy Road, and Molly is playing Disco Zoo. Just don’t think about it.

But really, enjoy your thanksgiving by playing games* and having fun with your favorite family members. Eat lots of tasty food, including turkeys, and make sure you make everybody feel welcome.

And be sure to ignore them by playing on your iPad.


Well, actually thanksgiving is about invading another person’s country, calling it your own, and spreading smallpox to all the country’s original residents. Wait, that’s Columbus Day. This article is getting a whole lot less pleasant.

Anyways, enjoy your turkey.


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