What if I were a snowflake? What if I was that symbol of winter, that source of every little kid’s joy during winter, that completely symmetrical, six-sided, 60 degree rotational symmetry, piece of water crystal?

Being a snowflake would mean that I am unique. No two observed snowflakes have been the same, and there aren’t two of me. It would also mean I am light and fluffy, capable of being blown into the sky. I would love the feeling of being blown around, completely carefree. I would hate salt, for I would melt to a small puddle if I came in contact with any. I’d hate the sun because the sun’s warmth would also melt me.

As a snowflake, I would be in a state of happiness, but a state that won’t last very long. Sooner or later I’d melt when winter is over. I would have enjoyed my time being the snowflake, being loved by almost everyone, but I would eventually return to that dreary rain. Life’s so similar to a snowflake, glorious for a few moments, dreary, dull, and even gone for a few moments.


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