Yoda as mathematical unit of measure

You know how everyone likes to name units of measure after themselves? Like 5 Newtons of force, 1 Ohm of resistance, 44० Kelvins, Fahrenheit, etc etc etc…..

How about poor little everyone else?  Is there any ” 7 Smith ” or ” 46 Thompson ” or ” 1204 Chung ” ? How come those names  don’t seem like units?? I guess in the old days last names were a lot fancier 😀
And, of course, can first names also be included please? Like “14 Tiffs” (that’s a good one) or “18 Aryas” (umm) etc etc etc….. 

And how about Yoda? The cute little muppet creature…. He deserves a unit of measure too!! Hmmm…. how about 18 Yoda as measure of wisdom?!! Yeah, that’s perfect! Yay!!

On that happy note, and the note that (spoiler alert) Yoda is, sadly, dead, and won’t appear in any of the coming Star Wars movies, I think I’ll sign off. 



6 thoughts on “Yoda as mathematical unit of measure

  1. The highest point of wisdom should be one yoda because an average human being would be lucky to have even 1/8th yoda worth of wisdom.


  2. I like this! Aiming for my 1 Yoda of wisdom! Currently, I may have 1/20 in me…
    And where would one grow his/her wisdom? In the brain? Or heart? Or toe? 😐


    • In his skin, perhaps! The more green and wrinkled, the more wise. I suppose, though, that one must also train wisdom by observation and discipline. Do you think Habits, as in a recent post Habits and Winning, lead to wisdom?


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