Beaches in Winter?

So apparently a bunch of people have been going to beaches this long weekend. Even our sensible friend Tiffany has fallen to this degree.  My hypothesis is that there is a disease going around. It involves a lack of vitamin D and in effort to cure this disease people are going to the beach in order to try to find even a glimmer of sunlight to cure the lack of vitamin d. Of course this is a fruitless effort in the North West. The only cure to this deadly disease is to stay at home and stand under a very bright yellow light in order to simulate the sun. So, Tiffany please come back from the beach as fast as you can and buy a gigantic lamp to accommodate your whole family and get rid of this terrible epidemic. 🙂

If you live in a gloomy area, please don’t run to the beach, buy a nice bright lamp and spend an afternoon basking in the “sunlight”.




2 thoughts on “Beaches in Winter?

  1. Hey, that’s a great write up!! My dad was just on Amazon looking for a giant sun lamp. Seriously! Even before I saw your post! 😂

    The other way to cure the disease is to eat a whole lot of (yum yum yum) mushrooms!



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