Poop, Ebola, and a new planet – Weeky bap

1. Poop pills

Massachutsetts General Hospital will be trying freeze dried human feces (AKA poop) as a weight loss treatment. Apparently the bacteria in the #2 of a healthy person could be the cure for obesity. Eek! 

On that note: Apparently if your plates and bowls are red in color, your appetite will be less ravenous. (Why do we eat more during Christmas then? No idea.)
2. Lead poisoning: Flint, Michigan

 The water in the Flint, Michigan had lead poisoning, leading to long term health problems, lower IQ, and more. The EPA issued an emergency order last Thursday to fix this. 

3. Ebola progresses

There is good news, and there is bad news. 

Bad news: A new case of the deadly virus Ebola has popped up! Seirra Leone declared that the epidemic there had ended, but this is the second case within a week of that announcement. 

Good news: There is finally a vaccine developing, and it will be ready for clinical trial by May! 

4. Planet Nine

Farther out than Pluto, scientists are inspecting another object- one that might become the ninth planet. It’s mass is estimated to be 5,000 times more than Pluto’s. But guess what? NO ONE HAS SEEN IT YET!! It is so far out that the orbit around the sun is probably around 20,000 years!!

5. #Blizzard2016

In the east coast, we have a giant blizzard, as many know 😝. The #Blizzard2016 winter storm has dropped over 30 inches of snow!! 

That’s the wrap up for the week! See you tomorrow, I hope 😀

-The Daily Boppers 

Written by Tiffany


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