Burning skirts – The Truth about Lies

Liar, liar, Pants on fire

Ok. There is something seriously wrong with this little song. Firstly, I’m wearing a dress at the moment, and secondly, how do you define lying??

If Bob says,

” You are ugly. ”

Is this a lie? Or is it the truth? If Bob really thinks you are ugly (no offense!), but you are actually pretty, it wouldn’t be false coming from him, but it wouldn’t be true when you hear it!

Do you think Bob’s pants should be burnt??

This leads us to the next question. What is the Truth? Is it what the speaker knows is correct, or is it what the speaker thinks is correct, or is it what is actually correct? (notice that I can’t actually answer any of these questions!)

An example is if Person A says to Person B, “Tiffany’s website is called the Weekly Punch” (and he beleives it)? Then what if Person B repeast it to Person C, who repeats it to Peron A? Is this a lie? Or is it just a mistake? Both the speaker and the listener believe that the fact is true. 

It also depends whether you think every statement can be categorized as either True or False. 

In the book Eragon, it is not possible to lie in the Ancient language. When someone tries to lie, they simply can’t. However, you can twist what you are thinking about in order to make it seem like you are telling something other than the truth. 

So, despite what you learned in preschool, the line between lying and not lying is very fine. 

My take?

Just stay clear of that line. 



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