Habits and Winning

The people who succeed in life are the ones who make good decisions without thinking. 

These people have their values engrained so deeply within them that making a good decision is simply a matter of habit. They’ve had that much practice. 

In chess, a skilled and practiced player will see a certain move at a certain point in the game and by habit, know exactly what to do about it. In this case, it’s not that they don’t think – it’s that they don’t have to. This makes it a ton easier for their brain to work in cases that are less practiced. It’s what will make them successful. 

In sports, such as soccer, tennis, or football, a great player sees what they must do before it happens. They sense all the cues from their practice, and by habit react to it, quicker than their brains would have been able to process all the new info. They shouldn’t have to think about it. This makes their reaction time significantly shorter and will end up winning them the game. 

Same goes for other small things, like math, laundry, taking notes, exercising – habits make everything that much easier. 

But all in all, the habits, big and small, are what push us through life. If we use up our limited brain power to think through all of the little teeny everyday decisions, we won’t have enough for the big things. If we can’t, for example, say NO to drugs or tobacco immediately without thinking, we will be wasting the time and effort that could be used to choose our university. 

To sum it up, don’t think unnecessarily. If a choice is an obvious one between good and bad, like brushing your teeth or not, don’t think twice about choosing the right one. After a while make it a habit that you don’t even think once about. Only be careful of the choices that are different, that you are not used to. Those are the ones to invest your energy into. 



2 thoughts on “Habits and Winning

  1. Wow!! Great advice!!! Well written blog. I better keep that in mind. It is so efficient to make it a habit to hang up clothes when you take them off your body, or jump out of bed the minute the alarm clock rings. If only everyday life can be a string of boring “habits” (pronounced: hair-beads) interrupted with a few “heart beat” moments (heart beads) of interesting thinking choices. I better start building and stringing those hair beads (habits), so I can have time to enjoy the moments that causes my heart to beat.


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