Bop Storm – banana, wifi, etc

 Bop Storm!!

Today we have a new rendition of an old game started by Arya and I…. writing as much as possible about stupid topics!

Rules: You have three minutes to write as much as you can about the following topics, including each word/phrase listed. Write in your area. You may finish your sentence at the end of the time. The winners will be decided according to word count, character count, quality, and hilarity. Ratings are from 0(low) to 10(high). 

Use the topics: gum, banana, giants, wifi, italics.


Have you ever had banana flavored gum? It’s really not that uncommon. In fact, I see flavored gum all the time. But you know what is really rare? GIANTS eating banana gum. Yes, they actually EAT  the gum, not just chew it. It’s funny, cuz the other day I was writing a fictional essay about giants in greek mythology, and then I read an article about what giants eat… banana gum isn’t on the list. But then I saw WITH MY OWN EYEs a giant, eating gum!!! It was crazy! I bet everyone reading this thinks I’m insane. But I couldn’t connect to wifi to write the essay, and somehow it ended up printing in all italics, which is really hard to read. So, I got an F on that essay. (Basically, I got an F because I saw a giant. )<- Magik Sentence of Humor
Word Count: 131 SECOND Character Count: 542 THIRD
Quality Ratings

Arya: 8



Answer:8 WIN YAY

Humor Ratings

Arya: 6


Donny the mean judge:9

Average: 6.66 SECOND


gum, banana, giants, wifi, italics

Once upon a time there was a talking intelligent banana. This banana really liked to chew gum. His favorite flavor was edible nail polish on top of boiled potatoes topped with sprinkles. Once, he took out his new chromebook to write a 5 page essay, which apparently had to be written in all italics. He didn’t want to write this essay, so he started watching avatar the last airbender. When he finally got to writing this essay his wifi was gone…obliterated, like the wifi tower thingy exploded or something. So he couldn’t write his essay. The next day, he realized that only three people in the class finished the essay. Tiffany, Arya, and Zoe. And their essay was 20 pages long.(Then a giant came along and ate their essays.)
Word Count: 121 THIRD Character Count: 683 WIN
Quality Ratings

Tiffany: 6

Donny: 7


Average: 7 – 1 = 6 TIE SECOND

Humor Ratings




Average: 8.83 TIE



gum, banana, giants, wifi, italics

An author sat down to write a story in front of his computer while chewing gum. He decided to write the entire thing in Italics because for some reason, he thought it associated with Italian, and he happened to be Italian, just writing in English. So he started off by writing about these giants in the forest. One giant said held up a banana and said “YOU WILL EAT MY BANANA!” He was trying a new marketing strategy on this other giant. Unfortunately, the other giant was also marketing a banana. “YOU WILL BUY MY BANANA! JUST 2.99!” The other giant became really mad and threw a banana peel. “EAT IT NOW!” “I WILL OFFER YOU A BARGAIN! BUY ONE FOR THE PRICE OF TWO AND GET ONE FREE!” Just as the author was about to finish off what the other giant was going to say, a hurricane passed over his house and cut off his wifi.
Word Count:158 WIN Character Count:666 SECOND
Quality Ratings

Arya: 6



Average: 666 TIE SECOND

Humor Ratings


Donny (The Tough Judge):9

Tiffany: 9.5

Average: 8.83 TIE


Gum, Bananananananana,Giants,Wifi,Italics

Have you ever gotten really terrible “wifi” on your phone and focused on that while mindlessly walking? As you continue to march on and on you start stepping into all sorts of things such as gum, banana peels, banana flavored gum. Ya those days are just awful. Then there’s those giant piles of all sorts of combinations of things in the road? Infact there’s a lot of giant this in this world. Many things are massively oversized to be marketed to a consumer and to many things such as large gum packets, genetically modified bananas, and those “wide range” cellular towers which are supposed to assist you in getting that wonderful wifi.
Does not include topic, “Giants”… -1 Point from average quality

Note: first bop storm

Word Count:112 FOURTH Character Count:527 FOURTH
Quality Ratings




Average:5.66 – 1 = 4.66 FOURTH

Humor Ratings

Arya: 5


Tiffany(the actual hard judge, especially for wild Donny’s): 4

Average: 5 FOURTH

So, it appears that MAX won, with two FIRSTS and two SECONDS! Arya comes second with two FIRSTS, a SECOND, and a THIRD. Then is Tiffany with one FIRST, two SECONDS, and one THIRD. Lastly… Donny, our new recruit, with four FOURTHs. Better luck next time!

If anyone has any good ideas, feel free to join us! Just follow the rules and share them with us in the comments. Have fun!!


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