Is anyone truly normal?

Hello, this is my first post on the daily bop and the best way to start this is with some philosophy! Today’s post is about what it means to be “Normal” and if anyone fits this trait? First we need to understand what being normal is. Merriam Webster states the most simple defination of “Normal” is, “usual or ordinary: not strange”(Merriam Webster) and as it would seem difficult to overcomplicate this, give me a shot at it. This means that it does not differ from the average and the average is determined by multiple things, what is most occuring in a large group, adding all intergers then dividing by the number of inputs, etc. But what really impacts average is what people are, who they are, what they do. These are also know as something called “trends” (Please explain to me what these are, as a computer nerd I have no idea what these are except for what Google tells me.) These “trends” are determined by how a large majority of people act but not all. The outliers here are now ruled out from being “Normal” but this isn’t a bad thing because eventually it will be pointed out that nobody is “Normal”. Now let’s slice up this large blob of people and make it so there are even less “Normal” people. Now there are differences between these people such as favorite color, hobbies, careers, etc. Let’s use color, and the most popular color worldwide is Blue, so everyone in that group is “Normal” for now.  In this group there are still differences so let’s say that everyone that isn’t of an Asian heritige isn’t normal, (Sorry if this is offense though the populations in Asia are the largest.) Now this leaves a smaller chunk of people but as we keep removing layers we find out that the larger majority is removed. That the people that aren’t “Normal” are now in the majority. Infact there can never be a “Normal” as this is set by a certain group of people who inthemselves are the exception. A paradox. The only way anyone is normal is that they are unique. And that’s it. The answer is No.

-Donny, Now beam me up Scotty.

Intentionally made to be chaotic and lack flow on accident.



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