The usage of Eh in writing and language

The great debate of Canada’s Eh vs the American Huh, huh?

Sorry guys… I’m with the Canadians on this one. 

Why though?

Eh vs Huh

Especially in writing email or texts, Eh is much, much more efficient to type or say than Huh. An entire letter!!!!!! (-insert cheesy commercial- “Join the SuperbSavings club! Text efficiency for all!) 

 It’s used in mostly the same contexts as well. 

Watch and learn:

  • Good Grammer: You aren’t that smart, huh?
  • Also good: You ain’t that smart, eh?
  • My texts: Ya ain’t dat smat eh
  • Huh, what’s that?
  • Eh, what’s that?
  • Eh, whazat?


Eh vs Meh

Despite common belief, Eh is not just used in place of Huh. It can also replace the word Meh. 

For those who don’t text much, Meh means “eh interesting I don’t really care” (Whoops! I used eh in there!”

Now in speaking, this doesn’t apply. It is much, much more satisfying to say Meh. Much. But in text, the goal is to make your point known. And dropping that extra letter still achieves that goal. (Text efficiency for all!)

Eh vs other stuff

I consider Eh to be almost necessary in text and speech. Here are some examples, for lack of explanation:

Person: wait, you ate 2 pounds of sour patch today??

Me: Ehhhhhhhh……

I guess it’s the equivalent of Well. But Eh lets you draw it out more gracefully and audibly. You continue saying the Eh. In Well you say the “ll” for a long time, which is not as dramatic or effective. 

Another example:

Person: What’s the atomic mass of chloride?

Me: eh idk

The Eh is used to enhance the Idk. Idk it usually taken as cold or dissmive. Eh means you are thinking and then answering. Instead of saying Meh, which is a letter longer and does not convey the right meaning (Meh says “I don’t care”, Eh says “I am unsure”), we use the Eh which is basically the only word that fits the situation. 

Eh vs Conclusion

Eh is a versatile, important word to incorporate into your messaging and speech. Although you may be taken as a stereotypical Canadian, it’s still definitely worth it. It’s so short and concise! It can replace many common words and enhance others. Have fun!



Donny: You wrote about Eh??

Me: Eh I really hope I made sense



2 thoughts on “The usage of Eh in writing and language

  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Text efficient???πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    “πŸ˜•” is the most efficient! It means “huh”, “eh”, “well”, “meh” and anything else (insert your favorite expressive interjection).


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