The Green Glass Door – A challenge!

The Green Glass Door is a classic puzzle by oh, I have no idea. But that doesn’t matter to this post. Anyways, the puzzle goes something like this:

What can go through the green glass door?

A tree can, but a bush can’t. 

A door can but a window can’t. 

A minnow can and a shark can’t. 

Knitting can but crocheting can’t. 


So what is the secret?

Anyone wanna guess?


Going once…

Going twice…

Going three times…

Ok! The secret is simple. If a word or name has double letters, such as in the words Letter and Puzzle, it gets through the Green* Glass* Door* (GGD*). 

(Words with * are double lettered*)

In my version of the puzzle*, however, anything with less* than or equal to two letters* also goes through the GGD*. This is to make writing a ton easier for me. But not by much. 

Oh. What writing?

See, my take on the puzzle* is more of a challenge*. Write a fluent paragraph, story, or essay*, using only words that can go in the GGD*. Remember, this includes words with two letters* or fewer. 

Well* this is gonna* be difficult. 

I’ll be pretty silly eh? 

Puzzles – difficult stuff indeed. Terrible stuff? No, no no! Puzzles seem horrible? I feel as if I’m recapping – NO! 

Hmm…I’m gonna see if I am good. Go look. Go look in books, in trees. In mooncakes, beetles, feet. Puzzles surround us. A difficulty: puzzles I’d been uttering appeal less to commoners…. It is funny puzzles keeping us occupied. Nevertheless, all cool, challenging, classic puzzles keep in common a need of wiseness & smartness. Kittens cannot accomplish puzzles as we do. We, if choosing and keeping stupidness, as parrots do, cannot succeed as well. Puppies dressed in leggings & a buttoned hoodie cannot be better, too, if challenging Horrible Tiffany to a difficult puzzle. So, puzzles cannot be a matter tagged as brainless, terrible, or silly. Handiness, intelligence & open-mindedness happen to be necessary. 


…that sounds… Horrible and amazing at the same time. 

What? You’re laughing at me?

Go try it yourself then!


PS. No, seriously. Try it! I’m curious to see what my loyal and dedicated readers come up with. 


One thought on “The Green Glass Door – A challenge!

  1. Ha! A really good book I am addicted to is connected to puzzles.

    Sheesh, I’m utterly obsessed, eh? I brood on Green Glass Door stuff so normally! (As in a looong tiime)

    Good attempt, Tiffany…


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