The Bost of Boppers, The Big Bopper

Hey, second post here! Let’s do this. Ok so the Big Bopper was some guy I dunno.. A famous signer back in the time of Buddy Holly who were both tragically killed in a plane crash. Although there is history as to who J.P.Richardson was, The Big Bopper, what I’d like to focus on is his seat on that plane. First of all his seat was not a given. During a flip of the coin did he win a seat on that plane, Tails you win and die tragically, Heads you live. Now with this flip of the coin there are now 3 categories of realities, Schrodinger says 2 Donny says 3, those 3 categories are… 1. The coin is heads, 2. The coin is tails, 3. Something entirely different happens. Although it may seem that there will be a considerably larger amount of realities in which 3 happens you are right and wrong, you are a superposition. Wow, there’s a lot of puns, well not a lot but just relative to the normal amount of puns I encorporate into writing about Quantum Physics and String Cheese Theory. Anyways we only know what has happened in 1 of an infinite number of realities isn’t that nice? In our reality the Big Bopper gets tails, dies, all that stuff. What if we could observe other realities? See the other possibilities? Well we can and have the capability to do so, or atleast in this reality. What I’m getting to, or by the looks of it closing with, is that Einstein proposed the possibility of theory. A theory in which acts as a rule for all realities, all of nature, everything. This theory, this pattern would allow us to simulate every possible reality and observe what could happen. So meh make it your life goal to figure this out, there’s some you do, some you don’t etc.


Come on Scotty, it’s getting cold down here. Beam me up already.



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