The History of Velcro

Velcro, what sticks stays. Velcro is not an original concept, it’s an evolutionary tactic that was first observed by George de Menstral in 1940. While George was out hunting he had noticed plant matter and particulate attaching itself to his dog and other pieces of clothing, something that many other people have no doubt encountered, though as he was an engineer he took a closer look to try to discover how this worked. To his surprise he saw that there were small hooks on the plants that were then being wrapped around the hairs of the dog and after a while he had duplicated this with fiber and invented Velcro! Or at least had been given credit for this as the first appearance of this had occurred as a feature of a plant so should he be credited for this invention, or should it just be written up to as a marvel of nature? Write your answer below and feel free to argue your position, see you guys tomorrow unless someone better at this decides to write.


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