A word with four letters


Not an answer to the question, but a discussion of it

Questions that very commonly plague the minds of philosophers as a profession, and many other people as an obsession, are the questions that argue origins, meanings, and purposes of existence. This thus being split into two bodies sharing many similarities in position, science and religion, though not entirely conflicting positions. One of the ideals that both sides can agree on is love, and the existence of it. I am not here to attempt to answer the question but to simply state my position on this concept. Although there are many ways love can be expressed, a way that many people may agree on as being whole* is a relationship in which both people strive to achieve their full potential, not only for the other but to also benefit themselves. This relationship is known as the, “Relationship of Shared Virtue” and carries three aspects, and as I am a lazy terrible writer I will only mention each aspect as it is described.

*whole, not pure but whole, a ‘pure’ relationship is non-existent and will not and should not last


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