Hush little iPhone

Hush little iPhone don’t you cry Mama’s gonna replace that iOS nine And if the iOS 10 don’t work Mama’ll get a case so that you won’t get hurt And if that case gets scratched or cracked Mama’s gonna buy you a companion, Mac And if the Mac gets waterlogged Mama’s gonna fix you so…

Apologizing for apologies 

Some things I’ve learned the hard way. It’s sad to see myself or other people failing because of life lessons unlearned. Today was one of the days. I never thought someone could hurt another because of an apology. Today I was proven wrong.  Life lesson September 20, 2016 When apologizing, never tell the other person…


This is a cat.     He is staring outside, looking for… Whatever cats look for.  This is the cat 2 seconds later.     That’s… That’s just scary.  –Tiffany


When do you think of ideas? For me it’s during passing time, class, sharpening my pencil, or even while taking a shower. When these ideas come around, my rule is – STOP, DROP, and BOP.  Yea. I’m obsessed with the Daily Bop, but I supposed that’s a good thing, right? Right? …right? –Tiffany

The Bost of Boppers, The Big Bopper

Hey, second post here! Let’s do this. Ok so the Big Bopper was some guy I dunno.. A famous signer back in the time of Buddy Holly who were both tragically killed in a plane crash. Although there is history as to who J.P.Richardson was, The Big Bopper, what I’d like to focus on is…